How to automate your off-site network

This morning I gave a talk about how to use Posterous to automatically post to your off-site network.




This post is a demo of the system in action.


Solving your problems – not everyone else’s

Are you frustrated with your CRM software?

Is your accounting software too complicated?

Do you know why?

It wasn’t made for you. It wasn’t even made for your industry.

Instead, it was made for everyone. It was made to solve everyone’s problems – not yours.

And that is why you hate it. It’s has too many features, too many buttons and too many distractions.

Software that tries to make everyone happy ends up too complex.

Tasks that should be simple and quick become difficult and tedious.

You need software that solves your problems – not everyone else’s.

Testing, testing 123

Testing testing 123.

Hello world!

Hello world!